Workforce We deliver the people

Data tooling and media analytical software is all in place and you just need a workforce that you can trust to deliver qualified media analyses in the management tool of your choice. Guaranteed quality of work and a carefree service process.

Media intelligence tooling We deliver the software

Our in-house developed software and human analysis services create the global monitoring dashboard that organisations need to have a complete overview and remain one step ahead. All relevant information in one neat package. [Button]Overview. 

  • Daily press briefings

    Having local media analysts in your key markets make time zones irrelevant. You will have 24/7 access to summaries and translations of both online and offline sources. Make sure that you have all your critical information first thing in the morning.

  • Radio / TV monitoring

    Automated monitoring & analysis of global radio and TV content in real-time. Specifically tailored to your issues and needs. The latest coverage, analysis and summaries to be tracked on our secure web portal where advanced  search results can easily be exported to charts and graphs.

  • Print / Online Monitoring

    With our global monitoring dashboard you will optimize your media monitoring & evaluations operations with easy access and delivery of thousands of online and print media outlets in over 100 countries.

  • Social Monitoring

    The option for reputation mapping  offers you the ability to deepen your understanding of your organisation’s presence on the web and importantly, capturez exactly where your organisation stands on a wide array of platforms including Facebook, Twitter and more.

  • Analytical Reports

    Our global monitoring platform boosts an analytical toolbox to turn advanced media searches into easily exported charts and graphs.


Media Matters 4 65% of our workforce has 4 years industry experience. Years Industry Experience
Media Matters We work with 180+ People

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A combination of services we deliver both

Get the right balance between automated monitoring, links to articles, and human analysis of important coverage. A combination of services suits your company and clients best.

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